Friday, January 29, 2010

A song for C.C.

This is the one and only Chris Campisi as Apopka Darkroom. He just put out a new record that is really freakin good. Here's a song he wrote about C.C., the prettiest girl Clay ever knew.

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  1. Thanks Richie, site looks great!
    C.C. was a Sweetheart, you don't easily forget about a person like her.
    I was visiting my folks in Bradenton, FL, and this tragedy was front page of their local paper. It was surreal, such a smack in the face.
    When i got back home to SF, this song poured out of my old acoustic.
    The whole process helped me deal, made me realize a great deal about our fragile time here. We have to look out for each other,
    put our friendships first and keep an eye out for all the evil out there.
    thanks for listening.